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Fuel Efficient Decisions

Fuel Efficient Decisions

Decision making can be exhausting.

That’s because making big decisions requires precious mental and emotional resources. And if you’re not using the most efficient/effective thoughts and feelings to drive your decision making, you’re going to deplete those resources before you’ve made the best decision.

And from sheer exhaustion, and without fuel reserves, you’re more likely to stall out (delay or procrastinate your decision) or make a reactive or rash decision and then second guess or regret it.

When you’re uncertain about your decision just because you’re not aware of how to properly fuel it, you’re more likely to outsource it to someone else to decide for you (and that doesn’t always serve you), or you’ll leave the decision to chance and let the process, time, fate, etc., decide for you. (Again, not serving you).

Inefficient emotions ruin your decisions. But increasing your emotional intelligence helps you produce your own sustainable/efficient fuel sources that generate the best decisions. Every time.

I had no idea how important efficient emotions were to no-regret decisions.

And I never knew how calm and free life could be on the other side of better decision making until I learned about emotional fuel. I want that for you, too!

Deciding what’s next for you can be fun, exciting, even motivating. It absolutely doesn’t have to be exhausting, confusing or frustrating.

After all, you want to make the best decision, right? It starts with your fuel.

You don’t have to feel exhausted from your decision making any more. You just need to fill up on more efficient and productive fuel. The kind that’ll build self confidence and eliminate regret.

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Beth Spenceri

Beth Spenceri

Hey there! I'm Beth Spenceri, a certified life coach and fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon.
I'm on a mission to help my fellow physicians decide "what's next" for them, including how to set and achieve new goals while practicing medicine (or not!), confidently make no-regret decisions, and finally live the lives of their dreams!