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Knowing Your Reason Why

Knowing Your Reason Why

We can easily get caught up on our daily to-dos, our commitments, and our obligations.

And sometimes, these can seem like they’re beyond our control, leaving us feeling captive in a job we don’t like, taking on clinical or administrative duties that we don’t want to do, and even saying “yes” to volunteer or social opportunities that we really want to say “no” to.

How did you get to this point? The truth is, it didn’t sneak up on you. Rather, it was a slow process of simply losing focus. And it probably started out when things were going really well.

Because when things are going well, you don’t feel compelled to know why you’re saying “yes”. And then little by little, you forget the importance of knowing your why.

The reasons behind your “why” are solely up to you. Even if you have parental or spousal commitments. Even if you signed an employment contract or partner agreement.

Only you can choose your reason why. And only you can decide if you like that reason.

Perhaps its been a while since you looked at the reasons behind why you’re doing what your doing. But there’s no time like now to choose those reasons and then to choose to love them.

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Beth Spenceri

Beth Spenceri

Hey there! I'm Beth Spenceri, a certified life coach and fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon.
I'm on a mission to help my fellow physicians decide "what's next" for them, including how to set and achieve new goals while practicing medicine (or not!), confidently make no-regret decisions, and finally live the lives of their dreams!