The Value You Create

The Value You Create.

Hey, doc: What value do you create?

As a physician, you create health and wellbeing for your patients. You diagnose, treat and eliminate cancer. You improve quality of life. You prevent or mitigate organ damage from systemic disease processes.

You alleviate pain. You bring life into the world, and you make the transition at end of life more humane.

You educate and empower patients and their families countless ways. You also provide comfort and support for patients facing difficult or scary diagnoses.

And you likely employ (directly or indirectly) other health professionals, creating jobs and building community.

What else? What haven’t I mentioned that describes the value you create as a physician? Make your personal list and write it down. 🤔

(I’ll wait here while you write it all down…)

Ok. Now, take a look at that list of yours. This is the value you create on the regular! How amazing is this?!?! 🤯

It’s easy to lose this perspective when you work in a high-stress environment, making über important medical decisions quickly, fighting mental and physical (and emotional) exhaustion, and always having your game face on.

But what you do matters. Your work creates value…and it’s invaluable.

Before you sell yourself short or dismiss this value by believing any diminishing thoughts your brain offers about this value, I invite you to simply own it. Without negotiation or explanation. Just acknowledge and own this value.

This value has nothing to do with your worthiness by the way. You are 100% worthy always, just by being you. *And* you create invaluable value for countless others. They are both 100% true yet mutually exclusive.

I celebrate you and all that value you put out in the world. Can you give yourself permission to celebrate that, too? Your celebrating the value you create as a physician is one easy and immediate way to have a better day at work…today. And tomorrow. I dare you to give it a try.

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