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Beginning Again

Every day, I begin again.

Yesterday, I logged into my journal app and realized I didn’t journal Sunday. My 50 day “streak”? Gone in a jiffy. Ugh.

(And I was hoping to blow my 97 day streak out of the water!)

I really enjoy striving for a streak, and I love seeing my daily work result in an uptick of fire emojis in the journaling app.🔥 (I’m sure there’s a dopamine hit involved somehow!)

And there’s an underlying sense of relief, accomplishment and knowing that this journaling brings my ideas, struggles, and thoughts into the open where I can examine them as well as maintain them for future consideration. 🧐

Some of those days’ entries on this latest streak were sorta phoned in. Completed out of a commitment I made to myself to simply “do” this journal. Not a lot of insight from those.

Other days were filled with 3-4 entries, representing “difficult work” of thinking through and resolving interpersonal issues and personal growing pains as well as entries with great ideas and plans for my business and decisions for how I want to show up for the world.

All of this matters. Not the streak count but each days’ little collection of words, typed out on behalf of my inner peace and for my personal evolution.

So yesterday, I had the opportunity to “begin again”. Yesterday was my old day one. Today is my new day one. And the good news is that tomorrow will be, too. Each day is my first day.

I can always choose to begin again.

What about you? Are you on a streak, or will you decide to begin again today?

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Beth Spenceri

Beth Spenceri

Hey there! I'm Beth Spenceri, a certified life coach and fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon.
I'm on a mission to help my fellow physicians decide "what's next" for them, including how to set and achieve new goals while practicing medicine (or not!), confidently make no-regret decisions, and finally live the lives of their dreams!