Just the Beginning…

Every dream, goal, or decision can be considered a journey. And all it takes to start your journey is one small step to begin. Even if the first step is simply a new thought.

It’s true that your brain generates a lot of chatter about your big goals and dreams. Most of the time, this consists of non-productive thoughts which are your brain’s attempt to keep you “safe” and prevent the pain of putting yourself out there and risking failure.

But if you believe this non-productive thought chatter, you might never start your journey, or you’ll stop short of your desired destination.

Did you know that you can both allow the non-productive thoughts to be present while also building new thoughts that can support your journey to your goals? And did you know that the more you practice thinking these new thoughts, the stronger the belief in your goals becomes? Yep.

It reminds me of a time when I saw a person wearing a large loaded back-pack and hiking boots and using a walking stick on a paved suburban sidewalk. They were practicing for an upcoming trip, likely because it’ll be easier to use the gear and be more accustomed to its weight and position on their body prior to their travels.

You can use the same concept for building your new belief. First, identify the thoughts that are the non-productive brain chatter. You can acknowledge these thoughts without having to entertain or believe them.

Next, think of your destination. Where are you going? What are the results your after? What is your dream outcome of that next big decision? With this endpoint in mind, choose a thought that would motivate you to move forward no matter what.

Finally, practice that thought everyday. Think about it. Add additional supportive thoughts that complement it. Journal about it. Post it in your visual space (screen saver, scheduled reminders on your phone, even post-it notes). Consistently.

From there, keep moving forward. One step at a time. And stay tuned as this journey is just the start, and this first step is just the beginning.

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