Do It For Good.

Do something for good. (aka: once and for all). But “for good”. 

What does this mean? Good is positive, right? 

When you do something for good, it means it won’t have to be an issue for you in the future. You will have ways to overcome the obstacle that’s being presented. 

But the deeper meaning is that this is a “good” thing. 

It’s good because you end up saving yourself time in the long run. You spare your future self of mental exhaustion or the dreaded “B-word” (burnout), which means running out of fuel before your goal is achieved. 

What do you want to do for good? 

How will your life be up-leveled when you do this for good…once and for all? 

What’s one thought you can think, for good and starting today that will raise the bar of who you are now and who you are becoming? 

I’ll share mine: I’ve got my own back…for good. I am never again going to believe the lie that undermining myself with judgement, self doubt, uncertainty, or regret (yesss….this one especially) will get me a better result. It never does. 

But having my own back? Priceless. Helpful (always). And for good. 

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