Know For Sure

Sometimes it’s difficult to move forward when you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or uncertain. 

That’s because these are a few of the emotions that are kinda wishy-washy. I mean, at least they aren’t necessarily creating something bad in you life. But unfortunately, they’re not generating the actions to move you forward, either. Hmmph. Now what?

One of the places I like to start is by asking: what do I know for sure? About me? About the circumstance? About the other person(s) involved?

My brain usually gives me good information. Some of the answers are facts, other answers are actually just more thoughts. But these thoughts are typically beliefs that are serving me. In fact, I double check with those thoughts to see how they feel, how they resonate with me. Usually, it’s a positive emotion. 

Because when you know something for certain, it creates emotions like confidence, assuredness, empowerment, courage, and feeling knowledgeable. And these emotions drive you forward, beyond stuck, closer to your goals. 

This little hack goes against the grain, because the human brain likes to look for the negative: what isn’t going well, what information we’re missing, what’s wrong with us, etc. The answers here don’t move us forward. 

Uncovering what you know for sure can help you find your next step to move forward. 

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